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Thomas Brix Larsen

I work as a software developer for Frogne A/S in Denmark.

My Specialities


My bachelor project resulted in the architecture currently used by Frontsafe's SMARTtsm product.

Clean Code

I take pride in my code. Code needs to be consistent and easy to read. I recommend you read the book Clean Code by Robert C. Martin if you also take pride in yours!

Qt 5

I loved Qt from the first time I prototyped an application with it. Qt is also a full replacement for the std C++ library, making it useful for console apps as well as UIs.

UNIX systems

I have loads of experience programming for AIX and GNU/Linux.

Codito Ergo Sum

My Work

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SMARTtsm (Commercial)

A Game of Stars


KDevelop D plugin

AI Challenge - Ants

The Pioneers


Sanguine Space

Bump Model

K-Net Client


Noise Creator





The Orion Project


Scorched Earth